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Some take snakes as animal companions.

Snakes or serpents, are limbless reptiles found in temperate and tropical environments throughout Golarion. They come in two main varieties: poisonous snakes, known for their highly venomous bites, such as the viper, asp, or emperor cobra; and the large and muscular constrictor snakes, such as anacondas, giant anacondas, and pythons. Snakes of both kinds are common familiars among magic-users.12

Certain particularly notable varieties exist beyond the two main groupings, including sea snakes,3 the sevencoat serpents that mimic more dangerous snake species,4 the enormous titanoboas,5 the two-headed amphisbaena,6 and the highly intelligent psyche serpents.7

In religion

Snakes are present in the myths, legends and religious symbolism of multiple cultures within and around the Inner Sea region. In Ancient Osirion, snakes were associated with and symbolized both the evil deity Apep and the benevolent Wadjet.8

Snakes of various types are among the sacred animals of many additional deities, including Asmodeus;9 Lissala;10 Ydersius;11 the empyreal lord Picoperi;12 the archdevil Geryon;13 the infernal dukes Eaqueo,14 Furcas,15 and Titivilus;16 the demon lords Abraxas,17 Areshkagal, and Socothbenoth;1819 and the Great Old One Yig.20


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