Colyphyr (island)

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Nation Midnight Isles
Alignment Chaotic evil
Demonym Fiendish dragons, vrocks, other demons
Languages Abyssal

Source: The Midnight Isles, pg(s). 33–35

Colyphyr is an island in the Midnight Isles, Nocticula's realm within the Abyss. Like the other island in the realm, it was formed from the corpse and essence of a demon lord whom Nocticula assassinated. Colyphyr was specifically formed from the demon lord of the same name, who ruled over jungles, dragons and poisoned waters.[1]


Colyphyr is one of the smaller Midnight Isles, and lies on the edges of the archipelago. One of its shores meets the sea of Ishiar in a complex pattern of inlets and peninsulas, while the opposite shore is dominated by mountains. The areas between the mountains and inlets are dominated by low-lying jungle and swampland. A single unnamed river crosses the island's breadth from the mountains to the sea.[1][2]

The island is largely unsettled, and has no permanent settlements except for a mining operation established in secret by a cult of Baphomet. Due to this and the areas of purview of the demon lord that formed it, Colyphyr is very rugged and wild.[1]

A qlippoth runestone is located on one of Colyphyr's beaches. This runestone originally embedded itself in the demon lord Colyphyr's flesh, causing his original ascension, and remained in the island formed from his essence after he was killed by Nocticula.[3]


An unknown quality attracts great numbers of vrocks to Colyphyr. They fly above the island in flocks of several thousands, but do not fly below the jungle's canopy for equally unknown reasons. Colyphyr's swamps and jungles are also home to fiendish black and green dragons. In addition, the umbral dragon Melazemra lairs in the island's mountains.[1]

In addition to vrocks and dragons, Colyphyr is home to several types of fiendish creatures. Demons such as hezrous and omoxes also inhabit its polluted waters.[1]


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