Collapsed Halls

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The Collapsed Halls are the haunted ruins of a castle located on the upper Maiestas River west of the Barrowood, near the borders of the Chelish Archduchies of Menador and the Heartlands.123


The castle, originally called the Halls of Zuberi, was constructed around the turn of the 44th century AR by Meskhenet, a mistress of a wealthy Osirian merchant named Khalfani Zuberi.43 She abandoned it in less than a decade, upsetting Zuberi into abandoning it completely. The castle collapsed years later.3


While most inhabitants of Cheliax consider the ruins simply an abandoned mess full of greasy, corrupted plants and fungi, it is in fact secretly inhabited by blighted fey led by a blighted huldra named Lenira Re. The fey seek to corrupt the Barrowood, and capture fey and humanoids who pass by the ruins in their pursuit of this goal.3


Paizo published an article about the Collapsed Halls in Cheliax, The Infernal Empire.