Cold Sisters

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Cold Sisters

Enforce Irrisen's strict laws

Cold Sisters is an order of winter witches based in Whitethrone. They are charged to enforce Irrisen's strict laws throughout the land. Regularly traveling the provinces, the Cold Sisters seek evidence of insurrection or double-dealing among peasants, foreign merchants and even Jadwiga. They root out insurrection and punish those who cheat Whitethrone in any way.1 Their punishment is cruel, harsh and relentless. No government organization is as feared as the Cold Sisters. They are known for their savage and inventive tortures and prisoners prefer to commit suicide rather to surrender themselves to Cold Sisters' mercy. Only a few days in the clutches of a Sister, a captive will do anything to make the pain stop, even inventing accusations solely to save himself. Cold Sisters never give up tracking down fugitives, the only hope of which is to flee the country.2

Cold Sisters wear hooded white robes, and their faces are obscured by a misty frost that dances about their heads. They address one another as "adored sister," regardless of rank, and assume names only when it is necessary for a specific task. A Cold Sister could sometimes temporarily replace a government official recently removed from his post.2


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