Chun Hye-Seung

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Chun Hye-Seung
Chun Hye-Seung.

Captain of the First Guard, Commander Militant of Absalom;
First Siege Gear of Absalom (formerly)
Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 18, 19 (1E)
Absalom, City of Lost Omens, pg(s). 287
f. (2E)

Chun Hye-Seung1 is a master craftswoman, captain of the First Guard, current commander militant of Absalom, and the newest—and perhaps most eccentric—member of the High Council of Absalom.23


In her former role as first siege gear of Absalom, Hye-Seung was responsible for the city's fortifications and siege weaponry, worked on improving the siege engines that defend the city, as well as designing new ones. She worked hard on a new type of trebuchet that could fling projectiles across the city to attack ships approaching the harbour. Although the Grand Council only rarely allowed her to test fire the weapon, it was fortunately completed ahead of the recent attack on the city.3 She was planning a trip to Alkenstar to learn advanced siege techniques when the Whispering Tyrant launched an attack on Absalom in 4719 AR. During the attack commander militant at the time, Rothos of House Vastille, was killed, and First Guard was left without a leader. Wynsal Starborn has made an emergency promotion, moving Hye-Seung up in ranks from first gear to captain.4

Due to being fairly popular among the First Guard, Chun Hye-Seung kept her new position after the battle finished, and now dutifully performs the role of the leader of First Guard. However, Chun Hye-Seung is coming to regret her appointment, as she was planning to stay first siege gear for the rest of her military career, and finds the new position quite overwhelming.4 She spends much of her time working on refitting the First Guard in the wake of the most recent attacks on the city.3


Chun Hye-Seung is a problem-solver by nature, inquisitive and eccentric. Visitors from Alkenstar or those who have been to the duchy can easily find an audience with the usually busy commander, who is quite curious about Alkenstar, even though she never got to visit the duchy herself. Despite being a great strategist and skilled engineer, Chun Hye-Seung struggles to delegate and, largely ignorant of the intricate rules of politics, has a tendency to publicly misstep without even realizing it.4


Chun Hye-Seung has a close relationship with Wynsal Starborn that, together with her sudden appointment as commander militant, have given birth to rumors of them planning a military coup, although even their most passionate foes have a hard time explaining how and why they are planning it.5

She has also managed to ally with Adrielle Neprathep, whom she has come to admire for her engineer's mindset.4

Chun Hye-Seung has long kept an eye on Symo of Wynsal, and had made him her assistant and Second Gear while she still held the title of First Gear. Then, following the Black Echelon Uprising, Chun Hye-Seung was made commander militant, and Symo became First Gear of Azlanti Keep. He still manages many of her special projects.6


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