Chronicle of the Righteous

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Chronicle of the Righteous
(Magic item)

Aura (1E)
Overwhelming (all schools)
Caster Level (1E)
Major artefact
Slot (1E)
Source: Artifacts & Legends, pg(s). 15
This article covers the artifact. For the Pathfinder Campaign Setting sourcebook, see Chronicle of the Righteous (sourcebook).

The Chronicle of the Righteous is one of three legendary books compiled by the angel Tabris, along with the Book of the Damned and Concordance of Rivals, that purportedly contain all knowledge in existence.1


The book was compiled by Tabris, an angel who collected lore of the Great Beyond but whose endeavours with the Book of the Damned led to his trial and exile from Heaven.231


The Chronicle of the Righteous is divided into numerous chapters, including:4

  • The Bearing of Mystery Cults
  • The Fallen
  • The Firmament Unveiled
  • Leaving Paradise
  • The Massed Hosts of the Angelic Choir
  • On Approaching the Summits of Heaven
  • Perfect Wisdom

The book also has an Epilogue.

The Apocrypha

There is an apocrypha to the Chronicle of the Righteous that deals with the darker side of the beings of the Upper Planes: events, mistakes, and corruption the leaders of the Upper Planes would like forever hidden. The apocrypha is only revealed when all the scattered chapters of the Book of the Damned are brought together.56


Paizo published a major sourcebook titled Chronicle of the Righteous.

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