Chorus of the Dying Light

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Chorus of the Dying Light

Protean chorus
Source: The End of Eternity, pg(s). 59

The Chorus of the Dying Light is one of two protean choruses that visit the mysterious Maelstrom location known as the Cloister. The Cloister is a mysterious bubble of stability that is believed to be the divine realm of some unknown god that nothing has entered or left for millennia, other than the Chorus of the Dying Light and the Chorus of the Twice-Fallen. These two choruses never visit the Cloister at the same time and, when they do attend, they have been observed making gestures of reverence that seem to allow them access to the interior of the Cloister. This is bizarre as the Cloister is an area of stability in the Maelstrom, something proteans fundamentally loathe, plus they are also renowned for their dislike of the gods.1


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