Cave fisher

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Cave fisher

A cave fisher is an unintelligent subterranean predator that catches its victims by attaching a long, sticky filament to them, which it then reels in. They generally wait on the high walls or ceilings of caverns, often near sources of water or other locations of increased traffic.1

Cave fishers in Golarion

Cave fishers can be found in nearly any underground environment, preferring the upper reaches of Nar-Voth, where easy prey is more common.2 Sightings have occurred in the maze of tunnels beneath the Varisian city of Kaer Maga,3 in the Endless Gulf, far below the Aspodell Mountains of Andoran,4 and in the salt caverns below the Collapsed Halls in central Cheliax.5 In Garund, cave fishers are known to lurk in the cave passage of Lubber's Lurk preying upon those entering Port Peril overland.6


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