Cathedral of Saint Clydwell

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Cathedral of Saint Clydwell is located in the center of the Old Kenabres district of the Mendevian city of Kenabres. The great stone temple honors the Iomedaean champion Saint Clydwell, who died sealing a horde of demons into an inescapable prison.1


The cathedral features a green copper steeple and stained-glass windows depicting various terrible demons being imprisoned.1


The cathedral is used primarily for important events, services, and gatherings, such as blessings of crusaders leaving for the battlefronts against the Worldwound. It is also a site of healing for the grievously wounded, and a vendor of items used in resurrections. The smaller Temple of Iomedae provides everyday services.1


Nestrin Alodae is officially in charge of both the cathedral and the Temple of Iomedae, but experienced demon-hunter and priest Eterrius Sunnestier takes on most of the cathedral's leadership duties.1


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