Calisro Benarry

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Calisro Benarry
Calisro Benarry.

Calisro Benarry is the former captain of the Grinning Pixie, the ship that doubled as the Arcadian Mariner's Lodge, so she was also a venture-captain in the Pathfinder Society. A muscular half-orc corsair from the Sodden Lands, Benarry used to be a pirate and has an unsavoury reputation.2

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In the time since the Grinning Pixie was transferred to a new captain per its original contract (which Benarry ignored or evaded for a decade), she has taken on a new role as the leader of the Society's Horizon Hunters faction.3 Aboard her new ship Glorious Payoff—so named after the money the Decemvirate paid her to leave the Pixie—Benarry charts the unknown reaches of Golarion's oceans alongside the most adventurous Pathfinders.4


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