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Source: All or Nothing, pg(s). 81

Bregdis are marine predators known for inhabiting the harbors of major port cities.1


Bregdis are large creatures, with stout bodies covered in blue skin. A pair of large, ray-like fins armed with large claws grows from their torsos, and serves as their only limbs. They have thick, short necks adorned with gills, ending in a crocodile-like head.1


Bregdis inhabit the ports and channels of coastal cities, which they enter by clinging to the underside of ships. They are ambush predators, and hunt by hiding beneath docks and other structures and preying on humanoids who fall into the water. Bregdis have developed a hunting method specifically adapted for hunting fishermen: when a bregdi spots a fishing lure in the water, it gently grabs the hook with a claw to imitate the movements of a captured fish. It then slowly follows the hook as the fisherman pulls it in, until it is close enough to shore to drag its victim into the water with a strong pull.1

Bregdis can grow continuously if they have access to enough food. Particularly successful specimens have been known to reach sizes sufficient to completely envelop a ship in their fins and drag it underwater. These creatures are known as bregdi leviathans.1


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