Bound Blade

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Bound Blade
(Magic item)

Aura (1E)
Strong necromancy
Caster Level (1E)
Major artifact
Slot (1E)
Source: Crown of Fangs, pg(s). 63-64

The Bound Blade is an artifact that was spontaneously created from the claws of the blue dragon Kazavon, a servant of Zon-Kuthon. The resulting bastard sword is one of the Seven Relics of Kazavon.1


Kazavon was defeated at Scarwall in the Hold of Belkzen in 4063 AR by the hero Mandraivus and his cohorts. Even after the dragon was dead and dismembered, they noticed that the pieces tried to move toward each other and bind themselves back together. Not wishing for Kazavon to be reformed, each of the companions took a part of his body and dispersed them throughout Golarion.2

The claws where taken by Roianda, a paladin of Abadar, who took her oath to safeguard the relics more seriously than any of her other comrades-in-arms. She traveled south from Scarwall for many years, passing out of Avistan altogether, through Osirion, Katapesh, Nex, and Geb, and even further south, into the extreme reaches of southern Garund. She was granted extreme longevity, and kept the claws safe for many years.

In her 180th year, the Lawgiverherald of Abadar—appeared and warned her that her death was quickly approaching. Wishing to keep the claws from ever being discovered again, Roianda forged adamantine chains and a bier made of steel and gold. She then poured molten gold into the bier and interred the claws within. She found an unnamed cave, and placed both herself and the bier inside. Finally, she collapsed the cave entrance and waited for death.1

The claws were undisturbed until the late 47th century AR, when an unnamed choker found Roianda's tomb by climbing through a tiny crevice from below. The aberration found not a buried bier, but a beautiful bastard sword forged of adamantine and encased in chains. Scattering the paladin's bones, it took the sword back to its Darklands home, where it has not been seen since.1


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