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Boreal creature

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Source: Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter, pg(s). 56-57

Boreal creatures are a class of creature that are the result of centuries of adaptation to Irrisen's never-ending, supernaturally cold winters.1

Appearance and abilities

Boreal creatures resemble their more temperate kin, but are generally stronger, more hearty, and impervious to the effects of cold. Their fur or skin is generally paler than their counterparts, and come in unusual colors such as blue, white, or grey. Their hair is also often long and shaggy and rimed with frost.1

Boreal creatures, as has already been mentioned, are completely impervious to cold, both natural and magical, but are overly susceptible to heat and flame. They move through snowy or icy terrain extremely quietly and can move in such a way as to not leave a track. Irrisen's magical winter has infused their body to such a degree that their mere touch freezes anything it touches, causing severe, life-threatening frostbite when it comes into contact with exposed flesh.1

On other worlds

Boreal creatures are known to exist on other worlds besides Golarion when sufficiently cold conditions are present. Ice runners, a variant of boreal creature axe beaks, are native to Triaxus.2 Boreal creatures from an unknown world were also housed within Habitat Pod 4 of the starship Divinity.3


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