Bloodpyre Fields

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The Bloodpyre Fields
(Abyssal realm)
Ruler Flauros
Ecology Evil version of the Plane of Fire
Denizens Fhengasma, half-fiend red dragons, salamanders
Description Searing inferno of volcanoes and molten seas

Source: Lords of Chaos, pg(s). 15, 40

The Bloodpyre Fields is the Abyssal realm of the demon lord Flauros.[1] It is a realm within a vast cavern of burning seas of lava and constantly erupting volcanoes that seems like a dark reflection of the Plane of Fire.[1][2]

Flauros' home is an adamantine castle suspended within the caldera of the largest volcano of the realm. Below the castle is a lake of fire in which Fhengasma the red dragon, possible lover of Flauros, resides.[1]


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