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Blood Queen

Unique creature
Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 44f.
Blood Queen

Any (Shackles)
Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 44f.

The Blood Queen is a so-called deity of the degenerate kuru tribes of the Shackles.1


The Blood Queen is a powerful outsider of astounding power and evil. Millennia ago, the foul and alien gods of the Ghol-Gan empire, sent powerful servants from beyond to act as their intermediaries, guiding and corrupting the empire until its collapse at which point the gods and their servants fled Golarion altogether. Blood Queen was one of these servants who remained even after Ghol-Gan's collapse. It has dwelt for countless centuries in its foul subterranean chamber in a ruined temple in the Cannibal Isles.2

Chelish explorers described the peaceful kuru in their journals 600 years ago. When pirates began using the Shackles as their base of operations, the peaceful natives known as the kuru were driven farther and farther west. For as long as possible, the kuru avoided the westernmost stretch of islands known in their prehistoric mythology as the Demon's Children. Eventually, left with no other choice, however, they were forced to move their settlements to those forbidden isles. The Blood Queen convinced the kuru, who had been forced onto the islands, that it was a god and transformed them into primitive monsters.2

Worship today

The Blood Queen now rules the kuru through telepathy and dark magic, dwelling in a half-flooded underground temple in the Ghol-Gan ruins of Ganagsau, known as the Sanguine Cathedral. The Blood Queen's massive size keeps it constrained to a chamber but its influence spreads as far as its followers and, through the kuru, it wreaks havoc all across the Cannibal Isles and beyond. The Blood Queen's current high priest is Bukrugsor. He serves as the intermediary between the kuru and their "goddess" making demands that include human sacrifices and other acts of repugnant devotion.32

External evidence of the Blood Queen comes from the legless beggar, Strong-Arm Hix, who was the only survivor when his crew were overwhelmed by kuru in the Cannibal Isles. Hix tells that the kuru ate the rest of the crew as a sacrifice to a deity they referred to as the Blood Queen.1


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