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Blindheims are short, pale, froglike humanoids with bulbous, glowing eyes.1


Blindheims are small humanoid creatures with stout bodies and froglike heads. Their hands and feet are webbed, and their possess short tails. Blindheim skin is a pale pink in color. A blindheim's eyes are large and bulbous, and emit bright white light. They are covered by a retractable membrane that mutes their natural bioluminescence. Newborn blindheims emit this glow from their entire bodies.1


A blindheim's eyes glow at all times, but this is normally muted by a membrane covering them. A blindheim can retract this membrane at will, releasing a bright flash as intense as sunlight. Blindheims use this light to attract and disorient prey, but direct exposure can temporarily blind larger creatures.1


Blindheims live underground, and prefer caverns containing or adjacent to bodies of water and areas of fungal growth.1

Blindheims are omnivores, and chiefly feed on fungus and on smaller creatures such as lizards, rodents, and fish. Blindheims faced with larger creatures will typically retreat, and may attempt to disorient pursuers with the light produced from their eyes. However, blindheims may target larger prey if they are attempting to feed their young. Blindheims are social hunters and usually forage in pairs or small groups. These groups often hunt cooperatively: when a pair of blindheims pursues fish, one member will dive underwater and use its eye lights to chase the fish towards the surface, while the other will grab the fish and throw them onto dry land for later consumption.1

In society

Blindheims are often hunted by subterranean races, which consider them valuable for a number of uses. Duergar use captured blindheims, referred to as "raid frogs", during attacks on other races. These blindheims are kept hooded until the moment of the attack, at which point the duergar handlers remove the hood to blind and disorient their opponents. Duergar also use blindheims as light sources for slaves that cannot orient themselves in the darkness. Drow use blindheims for similar purposes, and drow nobles additionally keep them as light sources by placing in them cages hung from the ceilings of their homes.1


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