Blazing Cavalier

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Blazing Cavalier

Unknown undead
Source: Classic Horrors Revisited, pg(s). 56

The Blazing Cavalier in an unknown undead knight who is said to dwell in the Hungry Mountains of Ustalav. Once a member of the Knights of Ozem, the Blazing Cavalier (whose true name has been forgotten) fought against the forces of the Whispering Tyrant during the Shining Crusade. He was incinerated by the witch-king himself until nothing remained but his charred bones. So dedicated was he to the righteous cause of the crusade, however, that his blackened bones rose and rejoined the fight. After the defeat of the Whispering Tyrant, the Blazing Cavalier fled into the Hungry Mountains, where it is said he still dwells, fighting orcs, undead, and other evil creatures. Rumors in Lastwall have long told that should the Whispering Tyrant ever be freed, the Burning Cavalier will return to do battle against him one last time and finally be at peace.1