Black Tarn

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Black Tarn is an infamous mountain lake on the Ironbound Island of Dragon's Rib in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings.[1]


The people of the region have long wondered who lives in the Black Tarn's depths, and have speculated that it could be a troll king, a fey sorceress or an ancient linnorm. All have agreed, however, that a mighty trove of treasure lies at the bottom of the lake. The rumors of the lake were strengthened when the Ulfen hero Arnlaugr the Fearless donned his famed linnorm-scale armor and his magical sword Rixbrand to seek his fortune at the bottom of the Tarn and was never heard from again.[2]

The truth is that the Black Tarn is home to the ancient water orm named Blackfin, along with Valdis, a rusalka witch who is the fey ruler of the island of Dragon's Rib. Arnlaugr the Fearless was killed when he confronted Valdis, and transformed into a watery undead creature known as a draugr.[3][4]


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