Biston (person)

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Ex-Druid 7
For another meaning of "Biston", please see Jhenni Biston.

Biston is an eccentric Varisian druid and the namesake of Biston's Pond in the Sandpoint Hinterlands, where he lived his entire life before his murder at the hands of Aliver Podiker. His shack, located on the western shore, is still haunted by Biston's traumatised ghost.1


Biston's ghost bleeds red ectoplasm from his slit throat. His skeleton, buried in the mud and silt near the centre of Biston's Pond, still wears his leather armour emblazoned with the symbol of the Green Faith.1


Biston had no friends in Sandpoint and was beloved by the local wild animals. After his death, his ghost's anguish and despair have agitated the animals, turning them particularly hostile.1


Fifteen years ago, Biston came to Sandpoint to buy a cauldron of brewing from Aliver Podiker. Aliver told him he had none in stock and would have to order one from Magnimar. As Biston paid Aliver in platinum coins, Aliver figured that he might have more wealth stashed away in his shack. When the cauldron arrived, Aliver coated it with dragon bile, which incapacitated Biston when he received it. Aliver murdered Biston and robbed him, then sank his corpse into Biston's Pond still wearing his armour, which would be too recognisable and arouse too much suspicion if kept. His crime was nearly perfect, and only Biston's ghost knows the truth of his death. He has haunted his old house since then, and he will only be put to rest if Aliver were brought to justice for his crime, or if the cauldron of brewing were brought to him.1


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