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Magical beast
(earth, kaiju)
Warm deserts
Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 168-169

Bezravnis, known as the Inferno Below, is a scorpion-like kaiju with a clockwork-like cycle of rampages.1


Bezravnis is an immense, three-tailed scorpion with a fiery red exoskeleton. Its stingers glow with molten heat, and it measures 130 feet long.1


Scholars have correlated Bezravnis' appearance with the passage of a singular red comet known as the Inferno Star; as the comet approaches, Bezravnis emerges until the comet disappears and the kaiju goes back to sleep. Some believe that Bezravnis first fell to Golarion from the Inferno Star and the comet's presence instils the beast with a frenzied homesickness; while, to others, Bezravnis is a guardian against an even more deadly occupant of the Inferno Star, and that by displaying its power through a rampage, Bezravnis is driving the Inferno Star back into space.1


Bezravnis dwells in Shaguang, in the shadow of the Wall of Heaven. Its rampages take place once every 273 years with little deviation: it travels in a straight line toward a settlement near Shaguang, destroys no less than two-thirds of the city, then retreats and goes back to sleep.1

Bezvravnis' rampages tend to be limited to a single city, and only with a single pattern: a given city is never targeted twice in a row. The cities do their best to prepare for Bezravnis' attack, sometimes attempting to lure it to enemy cities, though this has never worked and often backfired. Other cities send armies of scouts into the desert to track down Bezravnis, in hopes of warning likely target cities (or silencing warnings if the target is a hostile city).1

It is possible to wake up Bezravnis off the cycle with natural disasters or powerful magic from apocalypse cults. When woken off-cycle like this, Bezravnis is particularly angry and will not rampage in a straight line as it pursues the perceived cause of its wakening. In this way, cults have successfully managed to lead Bezravnis to attack an enemy. Such tactics often backfire, for Bezravnis has been known to follow tormentors.1

Bezravnis never particularly cares about the presence of other kaiju unless attacked first, at which point it becomes singularly focused on fighting the attacker as long as it remains visible or alive, although it is possible for smaller creatures to distract it with enough damage.1


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