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A beheaded is the floating head of a deceased creature, animated through dark necromancy.1


Beheaded appear as an emaciated, decayed version of their original heads, with the moisture having been sucked out of them over time. Any severed head can be made into a beheaded, though medium and large humanoids are perhaps the most common.2


Beheaded abilities can vary based on the conditions of their creation. Some, for example, constantly flame and spit fire. Others can grab at foes with their remaining hair. At base, however, most beheaded simply bite at and smash against their foes. Some particularly fiendish beheaded radiate auras of fear that must be overcome to destroy them. All beheaded are inherently able to fly.2

Beheaded varieties

  • Festering gnasher: This tiny undead creature is a floating head that carries the disease brain rot.3
  • Taunting skull: These tiny undead skulls are smarter than your average beheaded, and may trick their victims into committing self-harm.4
  • Daqqanoenyent: Mass murderers that behead their victims cause the impulsive creation of these creatures. They are a culmination of all the victims' psyches in one beheaded.5


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