Bearleg Lakes

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The Bearleg Lakes are an area of moorland dotted with lakes and rivers southwest of the Gaarjuk Hills, in the Crown of the World.1


A number of Erutaki settlements exist throughout the area of the Bearleg Lakes, although they are not as common as in the more densely populated areas to the west, and consist chiefly of scattered villages and lodges. Bands of bugbears also live in the area.1

The Bearleg Lakes receive a yearly influx of spawning salmon and of thousands of migrating birds that nest in the cliffs of the Gaarjuk Hills. These in turn attract a great diversity of predators that come to take advantage of the high concentrations of prey available during this period.1

The Bearleg Lakes region is home primarily to common animals such as eagles, foxes, martens, and the bears that give the area its name. Rarer and more dangerous creatures are also found here, including dire bears, frost drakes, and forest drakes. A great variety of fish also lives here, including giant pikes.1


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