Baobhan sith

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Baobhan sith

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 33

Baobhan siths are the fey equivalent to a vampire.1


Baobhan siths typically resemble humanoid figures with sharp, vampire-esque teeth and sharp claws. Most baobhan siths have a substantial flair for the dramatic and garb themselves in dark robes and other gothic trappings, making them resemble even more your typical Ustalavic vampire count.1


Baobhan sith have four key abilities. The first, as the mirror of their Material Plane vampiric colleagues, is the ability to drink blood. This specific action does not seem to sustain the creatures in any meaningful way, but rather seems to be primarily an enjoyable aesthetic experience for the baobhan sith. Second, instead of the ability to change shape into a bat or a insect swarm, as some nosferatu vampires are known to do, baobhan sith can turn into ravens. The final two major abilities are closely linked: baobhan sith draw in their prey through two primary methods. One is a supernatural ability to read minds, allowing them to more easily manipulate their targets. The other is a captivating dance that hypnotizes their prey into moving towards them and accepting the embrace of the baobhan sith.1


Baobhan sith are most commonly encountered in the First World, though their preferred targets typically live on the Material Plane. Baobhan sith prefer their residences to match their gothic sensibilities, and they often seek abandoned buildings, ruins, and the like to decorate to their tastes.1