Bank of Abadar (Kaer Maga)

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The Bank of Abadar is the name of the Master of the First Vault's temple within the Varisian city of Kaer Maga. Located within the city's walls, in the south-eastern part of town known as the Tarheel Promenade, the bank is one of the financial centers of Kaer Maga.1

The strongly fortified and ornately decorated building contains much of the city's liquid wealth, and its clergy work hard to make sure that bargains are kept, and contracts are properly maintained. They know that breaches of faith and the breaking of contracts can only lead to the end of the already quite tenuous peace within Kaer Maga. In this respect, the Bank of Abadar tend to emphasise his interest in law over his other aspects and the are work closer with the church of Asmodeus than many other temples do.1

In addition to witnessing agreements, bargains, and pledges, the members of Abadar's faith tend to the sick and wounded (for a nominal fee), and help to maintain Kaer Maga's magical sanitation system (for free).1


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