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Type Outsider
(native, rakshasa, shapechanger)
CR 12
Environment Any

Source: Occult Bestiary, pg(s). 49

Avataranas are monstrous rakshasas that meld with and control mortals to commit crimes.[1]


In its true form, an avatarana resembles a bald, emaciated, quadrupedal humanoid with a second set of gangly arms and a leathery flap covering its face. Despite their awkward anatomy, they can still manage the speed of a hunting cat. The face of every avatarana is magically fused with a taut, leathery flesh mask, under which indistinct shapes are visible. Many who glimpse an avatarana get the impression that their own features lie beneath it. If the veil is forcibly removed, there is nothing below but hollow, uneven cavities that never seem to correspond with the outer appearance. If forced to stand like a biped, avataranas stand approximately six feet tall and weigh about 125 pounds.[1]


Avataranas invade the bodies of unsuspecting or willing mortals and control them to perform terrible acts. Avataranas lust for power and patiently move up social ladders, finding influential individuals to possess. They keep their disguise by mimicking the routine actions of their victims, but their viciousness is rarely contained. When others turn against their victims, avataranas release their control and force them to deal with the consequences of their acts.[1]


Occasionally, avataranas employ lesser rakshasas to perform tasks that are too demanding for mortal followers.[1]


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