Augur (velstrac)

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An augur velstrac.
This article covers the species of velstrac. For the troll diviners, see augurs.

An augur is the most common type of velstrac on the Shadow Plane.1


Unlike other more humanoid velstracs, augurs have been mutilated into a sphere of bloody flesh, leaving only a single eye exposed within a tangle of metal plate armor. Most are a foot in diameter and weigh 30 pounds.12


Augurs are stealthy and capable of magical flight, but also roll themselves around. Lacking limbs, they manipulate objects through magic. Their single eye's piercing gaze is especially unnerving.1


Like other velstracs, augurs are native to the Shadow Plane. An experienced lawful evil spellcaster can also summon an augur as a familiar.3 Some augurs even serve as apprentices to or students of mortals.4 They view bloodletting as an artform to be appreciated and enjoy being offered freshly plucked eyeballs from living creatures.5

On Golarion

Joyful Things can summon an augur velstrac per day,6 and evil spellcasters—including followers of Zon-Kuthon7 or divinities of Hell8—who can summon creatures can choose to summon an augur.

Augur velstracs serve as sentinels at Edammera's Folly, a mysterious tower in western Nidal near the Usk River's fork.9

Known augurs


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