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Source: Secrets of Roderic's Cove, pg(s). 62–63

Audrahni is a former cleric of Ashava and a Forlorn elf. She lives in a small house on the edge of the graveyard of the Lady's Chapel in Roderic's Cove, Varisia.1


Audrahni is a slender, pale white elf with dark eyes, and dresses in layers of dark blues and blacks year-round to stave off the damp cold of the Lost Coast. She carries a bladed scarf for both self-defense and as a memento of her first mentor. Unlike the stereotype of graceful elves, Audrahni's posture is often slumped and her movements awkward.2


Audrahni's family was killed by boggards after visiting the Irespan at some point after 4584 AR.2


After growing fond of humans but melancholy about their relatively short lifespans, she had joined a cult of Ashava in Magnimar to help ease any difficulties they had in death and the afterlife. However, Audrahni quit her faith with resentment after Norgorberite Brotherhood of the Seven assassins murdered everyone else in it in a plot to hide their presence in Magnimar. In revenge, she sabotaged her own monument project dedicated to Ashavan Saint Sazzleru and killed her associate Ilsynor, a secret member of the Brotherhood; leaving him in an unblessed grave was anathematic to Ashava.2


Audrahni spends most of her life wandering Varisia in search of redemption and rekindling of her faith. She stays to the wilds and small towns, and spent 4717 AR and 4718 AR in Roderic's Cove serving as graveyard groundskeeper to Desil Marphan, a local Pharasmin priest.2


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