Attai Horse-Speaker

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Attai Horse-Speaker
Titles Horselord
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Cairn wight
Class Barbarian 8
Gender Male
Homeland Barrowmoor, Nidal
Companion(s) Barkek Open-Hand, Takellek Windracer, Eketeya Blackspear

Source: Tombs of Golarion, pg(s). 12

Attai Horse-Speaker was an ancient Nidalese horselord. Ten thousand years ago, Attai ruled a clan of Kellid barbarians in the area that is now Nidal. He was honorable in battle, skilled in diplomacy, and benevolent to his family and companions. Attai become famous due in part to his magic saddle that gave him the ability to communicate freely with animals. This great horselord, as well as his family, were killed by a plague that swept through his clan. His followers honored their leader by building an impressive mausoleum, the Cairn of Attai Horse-Speaker in the Barrowmoor.[1][2]

In 4715 AR, a nereid named Maddy Whorlwalker and her companions invaded the cairn. The invasion awoke Attai's spirit as a rage-filled cairn wight.[1] Attai fought Maddy and repelled her from his chamber. When Maddy retreated, Attai was overcome with melancholy at his undead state. He seeks comfort by communing with the spirits of his ancestors.[3]


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