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Source: Dragons Revisited, pg(s). 44-45

The old green dragon Athervox lives in an observatory in the Whisperwood near the town of Senara in Cheliax. An offspring of the famous dragon astronomer Gartheris, she spent her younger years working in his shadow. Gartheris has been dead for nearly seven centuries, but left his daughter with a huge range of astronomical equipment. Athervox spends most of her days studying quietly, and has guaranteed herself peace thanks to a tenuous agreement with House Thrune.1

When the agreement was made, Athervox also agreed to mentor several apprentices from Egorian, but they were nothing more than spies and thieves who soon made off with vast amounts of her research related to the other planets of Golarion's solar system. This was several decades ago, and despite the theft no one has bothered Athervox since. However, her lack of revenge does not mean that she has forgotten this slight.1


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