Astral leviathan

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Astral leviathan
Type Outsider
CR 18
Environment Any (Astral Plane)
Images of astral leviathans

Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 14

Astral leviathans are massive whalelike outsiders native to the Astral Plane.[1]


Astral leviathans resemble whales with asymmetrical eyes, a multitude of overlapping jaws, and warped, skinless muscles. An astral leviathan is approximately 70 feet long and weighs 60 tons.[1][2]


Astral leviathans primarily feed on planar energies and astral dust, and require little physical sustenance, but prefer a varied diet. This drives them to open rifts to feed on food particles or hapless creatures that fall into the Astral Plane. Astral leviathans have an unerring sense of where they have been before and what they can find there. They are dangerous if provoked and intelligent enough to be reasoned with, though most visitors to the Astral Plane mistake them for just beasts.[1][2]


Astral leviathans are curious about unknown creatures and unvisited places. Shulsagas befriend, tame, and recruit them as companions, navigators, and beasts of burden; and astral leviathans in turn appreciate shulsagas' companionship and ability to sense planar breaches where they can sample new cuisine or culture. Certain other species enslave astral leviathans with enchantments and barbs and force them to carry freight.[1][2]


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