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Magical beast
Source: What Lies in Dust, pg(s). 78-79

An aspidochelone is a titanic mythic whale with a rocky hide more than 500 feet long. These creatures float dormant on the surface of the ocean, developing colonies of plants and animal life that delude sailors into mistaking them for natural islands. Yet these creatures can easily capsize ships and survive at the crushing depths of the ocean floor.1


An aspidochelone in torpor appears as a small, uncharted island.

Behavior and ecology

Aspidochelones vary from two moods: decades or centuries of dormancy in which natural environments establish themselves on their carapace, and rare episodes of ravenous fury, in which the insatiable creatures devour all food possible: schools of fish, whales, even entire small ships.

These monsters emit a weird odor that creates in the creatures that smell it a strange desire to travel to the source of the scent. Those who do are in grave danger, for aspidochelones who are startled dive to the depths of the ocean, crushing and drowning nearby creatures in the undertow.


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