Areelu's Ganglion

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Areelu's Ganglion
Gravity Subjective
Time Normal
Realm Finite
Structure Lasting
Essence Mixed
Alignment Chaotic-aligned and evil-aligned
Magic Normal
Denizens Qlippoth
Description Demiplane

Source: King of the Mountain, pg(s). 62

Areelu's Ganglion is a demiplane suspected of harbouring an Abyssal crack that can reopen the Worldwound. It creates temporary portals to the Sarkoris Scar, which attract demons and those with demonic heritage, who hear what amounts to a 'call' or 'song'. Its interior is around a thousand feet across, and its core is a roiling, gelatinous sphere of chaos, surrounded by a dozen glowing qlippoth runestones. Those without demonic heritage who touch the sphere are severely injured; those with demonic heritage are gruesomely devoured by the sphere, which then creates an Abyssal rift that disgorges qlippoth, whose number and strength correlate to the strength of the victim.[1]


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