Archaic wayfinder

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Archaic wayfinder
(Magic item)

Item Level (2E)
Wondrous item
Slot (1E)
Usage (2E)
Held in one hand
Source: Lost Omens World Guide, pg(s). 17

Wayfinders were originally reverse-engineered by members of the Pathfinder Society from the magical Azlanti aeon stones, and were among that organization's first major triumphs. Over the centuries of their construction, these magic items were refined and standardized, taking on a relatively homogeneous design, but some of the older, more eclectic Archaic wayfinders can still be found in the possession of collectors (who pass them down from generation to generation) or amongst the forgotten remains of a deceased Pathfinder from long ago.1


Like standard wayfinders, archaic wayfinders act as a compass and have a slot for holding an aeon stone that can be used to access the stone's resonant power. They additionally can hold a casting of certain minor cantrips, holding them indefinitely until they are activated by the user.1


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