Antler Rock

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Antler Rock, at center.

Antler Rock is a small, barren and wild island within the Ironbound Archipelago and the most easterly island comprising the Linnorm Kingdom of the Ironbound Islands.1

Antler Rock consists almost entirely of jagged tors lancing into the sky out of the ocean's depth with almost no areas of flat land. The island is riddled with caves which are believed to connect all the way down to the Darklands. Certainly, the caves are inhabited by traditional Darkland denizens including caligni, xulgaths, and even enclaves of hryngars.2 Above this, amongst the stunted grey-green pines that cling to the peaks, the windy heights of Antler Rock are no less dangerous. Inhabited by fearsome aerial beasts, including pegasi, griffons and draconic wyverns, this violent menagerie only adds to the island's reputation for danger. This fearsome reputation draws a steady stream of adventurers and young Ulfen warriors to the island to test their mettle and prove their strength.3


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