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Being the only country with open, democratically-elected leaders, Andoran's relations with its more autocratic neighbors is generally poor. This is largely because foreign powers worry that their peasantry might see Andoran's People's Revolt as an example and start to question their own place in the social order.1


Cheliax has yet to recognize the fledgling nation, still officially seeing it as a breakaway province. The border between the two countries is heavily fortified with keeps and garrisons, and it is rumored that the Chelaxians conduct raids in order to capture Andorens for "repatriation".1 In return, Supreme Elect Codwin I is said to have offered support to the rebels of the Chelish island of Thuryan.2


The Kalistocracy of Druma is only interested in Andoran as a source for trade. It considers its democratic aspirations a worthless distraction from the increase of wealth and, therefore, has as little to do with the government in Almas as possible. Any military assistance offered by Druma would have to be purchased.1


Fearful of the darkness that has encompassed Galt, Andorens try to avoid the chaotic nation as much as possible. Initially, the Andorens allowed refugees free access into their nation, but now soldiers patrolling the border turn back any Galtan attempting to pass through.3


As the only remaining Chelish colony in Avistan, Isger regards its Andoren neighbor with naked hostility. Luckily for Andoran, the country is kept occupied by its need to hold back goblinoid attacks from the Chitterwood, and so has little energy to waste on causing trouble.1 During the Goblinblood Wars, the Eagle Knights entered Isger to help defeat the goblin horde that was laying waste to the country.4


Andorens object to the lax attitude Katapesh has towards slavery and the slave trade. As a result, Andoran is one of the few nations who refuse to engage in any Katapeshi trade.5 Needless to say, relations have since become further strained since Codwin I and the People's Council passed a motion in 4704 AR that legalized the seizure and destruction of any Katapeshi slave ship in the Inner Sea. The following year, the Gray Corsairs sunk three Katapeshi slave ships, thereby beginning what some called the War Against Slavery.6


There is limited communication with the insular elven court of Kyonin, despite the fact that the elves appreciate Andoran's respect for liberty and the rights of the individual. No formal treaties exist, but should the need for military support arise, it is not implausible that the two countries would come to each other's assistance. Trading between the two nations is infrequent, and typically covert.1 Even so, the elves hold the Andoren nation with high regard, and diplomats from Andoran are more likely to be accepted than any other nation's.7


Although the people of Sargava share a certain kinship with those of Andoran, both having once been dominated by Cheliax, their governments are philosophically quite at odds. Nevertheless, Sargava's ruler, Baron Utilinus has been fostering good relations with Codwin for many years, trading favorable trade agreements for the promise of support from Andoran should Cheliax ever try to retake its former colony in Garund.8


Taldor's leaders are generally too busy plotting against each other, or against the governments of Qadira and Cheliax, to pay much attention to their neighbor to the west. Andoren forces are on constant guard to defend themselves against border skirmishes, but these are generally minor and ineffectual. Many Andorens dislike Taldor's new ruler as they would have liked to see the Taldan monarchy overthrown but the new progressive reforms and revitalization of the nation under Grand Princess Eutropia Stavian have stymied such wishes.9

The government in Almas has no formal alliances with its mother country and travel between the two countries is permitted. Despite ideological differences, Taldor remains a strong trading partner responsible for much of Andoran's prosperity.110


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