Ambrose Kroop

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Ambrose Kroop
Ambrose Kroop

Animal Companion
Black-Hearted Bezebel (chicken)
Source: The Wormwood Mutiny, pg(s). 52f.

Ambrose "Fishguts" Kroop is the portly cook of the Wormwood. He is one of the more affable crew members.1


Kroop is a jolly, fat man, weighing over 200 pounds, but a mere five feet tall. His clothes and hygiene exude either laziness or someone who has given up, with unkempt hair, teeth rotting out, and a filthy apron covered in stains. He is much stronger than the impression given by his frame and has the uneven combination of seaman's gait and drunken waddle. His thick accent comes from growing up in the Shackles, with sailor's jargon added in liberally.2


After joining the crew of the Wormwood, Kroop became good friends with Cut-Throat Grok, the quartermaster. They see each other as both coming from hard times to the piracy trade.3

Black-Hearted Bezebel is Kroop's favorite chicken from his collection. Kroop claims that the reason Bezebel is so often found on his shoulder is that when he is totally drunk, Bezebel talks to him.1


Pre-pirate life

Abrose Kroop grew up in Port Peril, where he got the nickname 'Fishguts' for his iron stomach. He was known as an accomplished competitive eater. One of his most famous endeavours was at the Salty Swab by the port's docks, where he ate an entire bucket of boiled eggs. His love of food led him to become a chef. He was trained professionally at the Lobster's Armor. After allegations of inappropriate behavior with his assistant were brought to light, he was fired. With his reputation tarnished, he decided to hire on as a cook for some of the boats that docked at the port before, eventually, joining the crew of the Wormwood.1

Post-pirate life

Kroop bet against Captain Barnabas Harrigan at cards one night after drinking, wagering his own life. He lost, becoming a whipping post for the captain.1 He has been under the lash so many times that his back is covered in scars, he claims these scars allow him to not even feel the whip any more.2


Kroop collects chickens, and has a number of the rarer breeds on ship with him at any given time.1


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