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Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 14

Amalgamites are one possible result of failed teleportation magic, rendering both the caster's mind and body into a twisted version of their former selves. Amalgamites possess only the barest scraps of memory and morality from their prior selves.1


Amalgamites are an ever-shifting mass of limbs (often more than one might expect from one caster) and other body parts. Amalgamites retain the most basic appearance that the caster held prior to the accident, such as facial features, skin coloration, and the like.1


The ever-shifting nature of the amalgamite's physicality renders them resilient to most forms of superficial weapon damage. Ironically, due to the cause of their status, amalgamites are masters of teleportation, able to move about a battlefield with ease and even force its enemies to switch positions with it. Amalgamites also exude a destabilizing aura which the amalgamite can use to cause the physical forms of its enemies to stretch and move to great discomfort and distraction. One saving grace for those who face amalgamites, however, is that the amalgamite retains very little of the casting abilities it may have held prior to their deformation.1


Amalgamites are often found in the presence of other aberrations as well as those who embrace and use aberrations, such as cultists of the Dark Tapestry. Amalgamites can also commonly be found in the company of their former companions rendered undead.1


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