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Aluums are powerful golems created to maintain order in Katapesh when other forms of authority fail. These metal and stone constructs are powered by the souls of slaves and prisoners, and are bound into the glowing gemstones in the aluum's chests.12

Dormant aluum are scattered through the city in key locations for the Zephyr Guard, who control them with special pendants called charms of aluum control. Standing 14 feet tall and weighing over 4,000 pounds, they stand silent vigil at street corners, in the shadows of buildings, around busy squares, and throughout the numerous bazaars. No matter where one goes in Katapesh, an aluum is never far away.12

The Pactmasters control the secret of aluum creation, but similar constructs have been achieved elsewhere. Fragments of a dozen souls are captured as slaves and killed to animate the aluum.2


Like most other golems, aluums are immune to any form of magic that allows spell resistance. Any magical effect that uses negative energy instead speeds up the golem's movements for short periods, while positive energy slows the creature. Their touch also causes temporary paralysis, and they can emit a sonic shriek from the glowing gems in their chest that can cause significant damage.2


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