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Aroden's holy symbol.

The Pathfinder Lodge in Andoran's capital of Almas is known variously as the Cathedral of Aroden,1 the Grand Cathedral of Aroden,2 Almas Cathedral, or simply the Almas Lodge,3 and was once a church to the god Aroden. After a scandal bankrupted the local church, the Pathfinder Brackett was able to buy the large three-story building at a very cheap price. He became its venture-captain, a post he still holds.4 The Almas Lodge is located in the resident East Hill district, along the Avenue of the Gods.3


Its great size makes it the logical place to hold large scale gatherings of Pathfinders, and its dozens of guest rooms rank among the finest lodgings in Almas. Its library is second only to the Grand Lodge in Absalom, and is also renowned for its assistant librarians—homunculi created by the head librarian, Wystron Telfyr, in his laboratory in one of the cathedral's towers. The creatures are so popular that some Pathfinders employ Wystron to create homunculus pets for them. The other tower has been taken over by Wystron's apprentice, Greudemoffit, who has converted it into a meteorological station and is attempting to predict the weather. The vault beneath the cathedral holds the lodge's most valuable items, and there are also secret passages that connect the cathedral to various city sites. The cathedral's bells are still operational, and Brackett uses them to send coded messages to his agents in the city.4


The larger Golden Cathedral was built long ago to replace the cathedral when it was no longer able to serve the expanding numbers of the faithful.3


The lodge is known to possess a powerful druidic lorestone known as the granite sphere, rescued from the Verduran Forest in 4709 AR. It contains a vast repository of druidic knowledge of the Verduran, lycanthropes and other shapechangers, and rituals to force a person's bestial nature to the surface, although no one at the lodge has learned how to access it.56


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