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Alchemical tool
(Alchemical item)
Type Alchemical tool

Source: Ultimate Equipment, pg(s). 102

Alchemical tools are alchemical items created by alchemists for a variety of useful functions and are especially useful for adventurers. Tools are sometimes used in battle situations, to aid in deep dungeon environments, or as aids to crafting other alchemical items.[1]

Examples of alchemical tools

This list is unlikely to be comprehensive.[2]

a poison used in paint manufacture
see Arsenic
see Cadaverine
Flake white[3]
An alchemical paint
Honeysuckle absolute[3]
Isarn green[3]
An alchemical paint
Newby Violet[3]
An alchemical paint named after a pain manufacturer, Newby, who works at Hessim, Newby, & Sage Paint Manufactory in Korvosa
Philosophic mercury or philosopher's mercury[3]
see Putrescine
See also: Quicksilver
see Mercury (element)
Thieves vinegar[3]
Tian red[3]
An alchemical paint
White lead[3]
See also: Lead
see White lead


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