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Nation Axis
Size Metropolis
Population 7,200,000
Demographics 2,500,000 humanoids; 1,700,000 aphorites; 1,200,000 axiomites; 750,000 inevitables; 500,000 mercanes; 550,000 others
Government Magical
Alignment Lawful neutral
Ruler Abadar

Source: Planar Adventures, pg(s). 175f.

Aktun is the capital and largest district of Axis, and the divine realm of Abadar.[1]

The streets of Aktun are laid out in concentric circles crossed by avenues radiating from the First Vault at the centre. Due to the influence of Abadar, Aktun is the friendliest district of Axis to mortal visitors, who are allowed to come to gain inspiration for building cities without worrying about the dangers of planar travel.[1]

Aktun is connected to several other districts of Axis. A set of clockwork portals links it to the Citadel of Resplendent Clockwork, the realm of the goddess Brigh. The underground labyrinth of Duskfathom, the realm of the thief god Norgorber, lies beneath Aktun proper, acting like an undercity would to a metropolis on the Material Plane.[1]


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