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Akoni is a male dryad who lives in Tickwood near Sandpoint. He controls Akoni's Grove, where he presides over the other fey that live in the forest.1

Relations with civilization

Akoni's main engagement with the town came when his love Ovana Scarnetti died.2 This led to him brokering a loose deal with Grustmier,3 a redcap who is looking to take over the grove.4 A party led by Shalelu Andosana and including Harsk, Daviren Hosk, Lanalee Magravi, and Trenk Luzlor went to see what had riled the fey. They stumbled into the grove and were chased off. The redcaps then attacked Ovana's funeral to collect her body, fighting Harsk and Lini. These heroes eventually bought Ovana's body back to the grove and Akoni.5

Relations with other fey

Akoni is the leader of the fey in Tickwood. He has sprites and grigs in his court. A family of redcaps are trying to take over the court, and are actively poisoning the redwood tree Akoni is bound to.6