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Source: The Prisoner of Skull Hill, pg(s). 3-5

Akila was the sorcerer concubine of Khalfani Zuberi, a wealthy Osirian merchant who lived during the 44th century AR at the time of the Chelish expansionist conquest known as the Everwar. Seeing an opportunity for great profit, Zuberi gave Akila and his other concubines magical rings that monitored their conditions and sent them to the edges of the Chelish empire as his factors. Akila settled in Skull Hill, a fortress in the Skittermounds of the Hold of Belkzen, and there traded in weapons and other needed supplies while building a Chelish mercenary band. She remained at Skull Hill until the end of her life and was even entombed there.1

Akila's death

Akila's death was quite sudden and unexplained, and was accompanied by a terrible and mysterious tragedy. At the moment of her death, the ring Zuberi had given her released a staggering amount of necromantic energy that killed nearly everyone at Skull Hill. Those few who survived buried Akila and her ring in a cavern deep below the fortress in the hopes that no one would ever activate the ring again.1