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Nation Minkai
Region Akafuto Province
Size Metropolis
Population 42,500
Ruler Moniwa family

Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 32

Akafuto is Minkai's second largest port, sat at the mouth of the Tagiryu River, that serves as a major part of the Tian Xia lumber trade. Akafuto exports a wide variety of raw and finished goods and the city's junks are probably the most commonly seen Minkai ship in foreign ports, particularly in Tianjing.[1] Akafuto's most famous temple is the Ukuashi-Ji, dedicated to the god of prosperity Kofusachi who is said to bless the harvested goods and crafts that flow through Akafuto's markets. Akafuto is also home to the Juhimeiyo School, a monastic institution attended primarily by young nobles looking to work within the imperial court. Akafuto has maintained a remarkable political stability over the centuries, it has been ruled by a member of the Moniwa family for over a millennia.[2]


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