Air mephit

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Air mephit

The air mephits are small, humanoid-resembling mephits with bat-like wings, and are among the weaker natives of the Elemental Plane of Air.12


An air mephit looks like a small winged humanoid about the size of a halfling. From its back protrude a pair of thin, leathery, bat-like wings. An air mephit's skin is a light sky blue, and they are always surrounded by flowing air currents.12

Habitat and society

Even though the djinn comprise the most powerful civilization on the Plane of Air, theirs is by no means the only one. Air mephits maintain small, isolated kingdoms in their shadows and build hastily constructed structures on small chunks of floating ice. These are ruled by self-proclaimed monarchs of very limited power who give themselves such grandiose titles as Grand Emperor of Air, High King of Thunder, or Prince of the Winds. Very rarely do they have the power to support these exuberant claims.3


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