Aglorn Desimire

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Aglorn Desimire
Aglor Desimire and his imp familiar Duchess.
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Human (Chelaxian)
Class Conjurer 5 or 9
Gender Male
Homeland Cheliax
Deity Asmodeus
Organization Aspis Consortium
Familiar Duchess, an imp

Source: Storming the Diamond Gate, pg(s). 15, 18

Aglorn Desimire is a fervent worshipper of Asmodeus and a minor nobleman from Cheliax. He is the brother of a powerful member of the Chelish aristocracy and government, and aligned with the Aspis Consortium. He was previously romantically linked to Zarta Dralneen, although their relationship has soured considerably in the years since the relationship ended.[1]


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