Age of Ashes

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For another meaning of "Age of Ashes", please see Age of Ashes (adventure path).
For the Absalom Reckoning analogue to the Age of Ashes, see the Age of Darkness.

The Age of Ashes is the earliest historical time period in the Imperial Calendar of Tian Xia. It begins with the impact of the Starstone (an event known as Earthfall), which, even though it occurred on the opposite side of Golarion, still caused significant natural disasters in Tian Xia as well.

The age's name derives from the dust thrown up by the impact of the meteor, combined with large amounts of ash expelled by countless volcanoes, which blotted out the sun for many years and caused harsh winters all over the world. The Age of Ashes comes to a close with the rise of humanity in Tian Xia and the founding of the empire of Yixing in 1 IC.1


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