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Adivion Adrissant

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Adivion Adrissant
Adivion Adrissant in combat.

Source: Shadows of Gallowspire, pg(s). 57

Adivion Adrissant was a high-ranking member of the Whispering Way and the engineer of a plan to bring back Tar-Baphon, the Whispering Tyrant.1


Adivion Adrissant was born in a rich family in Ardis and studied in the prestigious Quarterfaux Archives in Caliphas. The cunning and cultured Adivion hungered for knowledge, but found his studies boring and unchallenging, and by the age of 20 he had dismissed religion and romance as meaningless. Inspired by nihilistic poetry, Adivion left Ustalav to travel the world and stave off his malaise, but returned fruitless several years later.1

As Adivion's fascinations grew more and more morbid, he started to buy dusty, forgotten relics from museums, participate in secret séances and study necromancy, focusing on Tar-Baphon. Adivion found kinship in the Whispering Tyrant as a genius burdened by a worthless world whose intellect allowed him to defy death and reshape Golarion. Adivion's research eventually consumed both himself and the wealth of his family, which was spent on numerous relics of Tar-Baphon's rule.1

Well aware of previous failures to physically free Tar-Baphon from his prison in Gallowspire, Adivion researched for an alternative way to do so. He eventually discovered that at least one of Tar-Baphon's descendants was still alive: Count Lucinean Galdana of Amaans. Expecting to find some of Tar-Baphon's genius in Galdana, Adivion was disappointed by the ageing fop when he met him.1

During his return to Ardis, Adivion witnessed a rite of metaphorical rebirth in Kavapesta and found his inspiration: since Tar-Baphon could reshape the world when exposed to certain ideas, events, settings, and magic, his descendant could perhaps produce the same result when exposed to the same catalysts.1

For the next few years, Adivion focused on his research and joined the Whispering Way with the promise to bring back their most infamous member. At the same time, he also researched for a way to become a lich, and eventually, his investigations culminated in a formula to an undying apotheosis, dubbed the Carrion Crown, which would transform Lucinean Galdana into a resurrection of Tar-Baphon himself. Adivion then put his plan into action by abducting Galdana and bringing him to the wasteland of Virlych.12


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