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Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 95

Adachros1 are ennosites that are born from the quintessential remnants of collapsed demiplanes. These towering, crystalline beings accept no worldview but their own.2


Due to their iron commitment to their own philosophy, adachros are particularly resistant to illusion magic. Adachros possess their own potent enchantment magic that attempts to force their targets to believe the same things the adachros believes. Adachros are much more dangerous to those who have fallen for these enchantments, as the damaging physical attacks from an adachros are even more deadly to those who have fallen for their illusions.2


Adachros represent the alignment, philosophy, and worldview of the nascent demiplane that formed them. A demiplane with a more malign philosophy might generate a megalomaniacal, tyrannical adachros who convinces others to their way of thinking by force; a quasi-benevolent adachros who patiently re-educates their targets; or anywhere in-between. Occasionally, individuals will try to convince adachros that their goals align. Inevitably, the adachros eventually realizes that they are being manipulated, and the adachros quickly reclassifies its former ally as a mortal enemy.2

If a piece of the adachros' crystal form is broken off through damage, the wayward body part will quickly form into a new ioton, though the newly born ennosite initially strongly favors the adachros' mentality.2


  1. Singular and plural are assumed to be the same but no plural is found in the only source for this creature.
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