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Source: Dance of the Damned, pg(s). 12

Acisazi is a small aquatic elven shoreline village in Ravounel, north of the Ravounel Forest. It was a part of Cheliax until 4714 AR, when the Archduchy of Ravounel seceded and became an independent nation.12


Acisazi's buildings are constructed both on land and in the water. Solitary half-elves dwell above ground, in one-storey houses with two or three rooms made of driftwood worn smooth by weathering. Atop creaking boardwalks and piers are homes with direct access to the sea, where aquatic elves and half-elves dwell together. The rest of the village's aquatic elves live in submerged caves, to which seaweed and anemones cling. At twilight, Acisazi is almost entirely covered in fog. Moss and lichen cover the buildings in place of paint, and give the village a sense of decay.3


Acisazi serves as a meeting place between the water-breathing elves and their air-breathing half-elven children and allies, where the elves can stage missions inland and manufacture items more easily made on dry land.4

The inhabitants of Acisazi are largely self-sufficient and subsist on fish, birds, and seaweed grown in nearby underwater farms. Most worship Gozreh, and use magic and trickery to keep outsiders (particularly representatives of the Chelish government) away. The town is not wealthy, but the people have little need for material wealth and often dress in seaweed, shells, leather, and material scavenged from the flotsam.345 Although Acisazi lies within the borders of Ravounel (and Cheliax before it), its reclusive and independent inhabitants do not view themselves as citizens of a human nation, but as part of a vast network of aquatic elven settlements in Nisroch Bay and the Arcadian Ocean.2


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